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Corporate Matters

Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

Corporate law is an essential tool used to govern business through regulation and engagement of companies, shareholders, investors, employees, regulators and other stakeholders.

At ABM, we have understood that good corporate governance is a concept that should be adopted by our corporate clientele as well as companies in general to essentially create and set up organizational structures, systems and control mechanisms geared towards enhancing compliance as well as cater for the balancing of the interests of Shareholders, Directors, Management and Stakeholders vis a vis the interests of the Company.

Advisory on Business Transactions

It is probable that while handling business, different transactions may arise that require advisory and negotiations skills to achieve the desired result of the Client.

ABM is skilled in drafting and preparing the necessary documentation to facilitate the end result of the transactions.

Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency law

At ABM, we provide advice on the full range of corporate recovery and restructuring, to our Clients that includes domestic and cross-border insolvencies, out of court rescheduling and debt restructurings, both insolvent and solvent court restructurings and schemes of arrangement, asset and debt recovery both locally and internationally, work outs and rescues, bankruptcy and voluntary schemes of arrangement, practical, commercial, legal support to boards of company directors, faced with financial difficulty to try and ensure that they comply with their duties.

Administrations, liquidations and all forms of formal insolvency appointments, strategic advisory work for banks on distressed connections, strategic planning for distressed businesses, Business rationalization, Debt management and restructuring, Complex contentious insolvency, Loan portfolio acquisition and disposals.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Take overs

Corporations may engage in mergers, acquisitions and take overs as part of their business strategy.

We therefore, take it upon ourselves to cautiously understand the desired result of our clients in terms of documentation, negotiation, regulation, compliance, values and culture among others tailored for our Client’s consideration.