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Whereas it is unusual to find counselling as a form of dispute resolution offered by Lawyers, at ABM we believe that a heart to heart discussion encourages parties to resolve issues/conflict in a humane manner, while empowering the parties and restoring their well-being.

As a policy, our firm has adopted a mandatory counselling requirement before engaging any clients seeking divorce. We have found that many divorce matters stem from high emotions which often times take away all reason.

In the case of other types of conflict, counselling has proven to be a more productive mode of conflict resolution and ABM offers the space, environment, ambience and opportunity required for parties to speak freely without judgment or anger. We believe that “Darkness cannot drive out Darkness, only Light can do that and Hate cannot drive out Hate, only Love can do that.”

Through our counselling sessions, Clients find light and joy in their conclusion of every conflict.

At ABM, we currently operate a fully fledged counselling and mediation house where our discreet, skilled and tactful team assist clients to reach a win win.