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Simply put, litigation is the act of settling a dispute before a court of law. This process may involve a civil or criminal suit.

Our Litigation department has a combined experience of over twelve (12) years in handling a diverse number of court cases.

Our firm specializes majorly in Civil cases except in very rare instances that involve criminal matters in respect to cyber crime and fraud relating to Corporate entities.

Though we believe that mediation and arbitration are more amiable and are in fact a preferred method of dispute resolution, our team presents a different approach in litigation which mainly focuses on problem solving and identifying the best outcome for our Clients.

It is important to note that litigation can be a tedious, time consuming and an expensive process, however there are cases that will only be properly addressed through keen and well approached court process. These usually involve cases that are precedent setting, fact finding, for legal interpretation and understanding and which sometimes involve complex issues which cannot be easily solved through mediation or arbitration.

Whatever the nature of litigation you are looking to engage in, our team of expert lawyers are capable of handling the intricacies involved and the knowledge and skill required to reach your desired outcome.