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Divorce or Dissolution of Marriages

Divorce is an outcome that no one ever foresees or ever wishes for. But it is one which may sometimes be unavoidable. It is usually a heart wrenching experience packed with emotions that are intense.

Couples facing divorce are affected in very deep and painful ways and as lawyers, we need to take a careful, sensitive and principled approach, not only for our clients but for all the parties involved in the process.

Our team is well equipped with a deeper and more proactive approach when handling divorce cases. There is no ordinary situation such as a contractual relationship. Divorce is like severing a human arm and has been described as an experience that takes a way a piece of those affected by it.

Because divorce can involve many layers of issues such as child custody, division of property, maintenance, parentage issues, alimony, visitation and access amongst others, it is important that lawyers have a diverse grasp of all these issues, traits that ABM is proud to have in its expert team.