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Separation of Marriages

A separation of a marriage can be a painful experience because it is a season where two souls are no longer at par. The process involves sessions of negotiations, mediations, compromise and difficult choices. But sometimes, it can also be what one needs to recollect and reconfigure a relationship.

At ABM, we create the conducive environment necessary to enable couples discuss harmoniously with the sole purpose of forming workable solutions and amiable connections.

This season will determine whether the relationship will stand the test of time and therefore it is extremely important that parties are in the right mindset, both emotionally and logically.

Because we understand the need for intentional and sensitive discussions, ABM offers its clients the type of open minded and realistic negotiation and mediation sessions at our fully fledged mediation house, where parties are able to bare their soul without judgment and arrive at the most appropriate solutions for their situation.

Our team of lawyers, negotiators and mediators are experts in understanding the different roles required by clients when faced with a separation, and whether it is a separation by written agreement or judicial separation, our team is able to steer the sessions in the right direction and advise our clients with the best course of action.