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From the latin word, “mediatus”, to mediate means to adopt the use of a third party to intervene a dispute in order to resolve it.

ABM provides both ad hoc and institutional mediation services to Clients.

Ad hoc Mediation

In the case of ad hoc mediation, our firm currently owns and operates a fully fledged counselling and mediation house within the firm.

In our scope of services for ad hoc mediation, Clients are able to select ad hoc mediators (whether commercial or otherwise) from our list of accredited mediators to conduct mediations to resolve their conflict/disputes, where they’d have the opportunity to determine the type of mediation rules to adopt during the session.

This type of mediation is usually preferred by corporate and commercial institutions due to the minimal costs and time utilized in solving a problem. The parties are given an opportunity to decide on the rules of the process which gives them a level of control and satisfaction since they would have played a substantial role during the mediation.

Our ABM mediators are accredited both locally and internationally in a wide selection of legal matters and are professional and skilled in the various types of mediation processes.

Institutional Mediation

As a mandatory requirement during litigation, all matters are required to explore a 60 day mediation session where a Court appointed mediator is responsible for hearing the parties issues. ABM’s team of Lawyers understand the process employed in such mediations and ensures that Clients are well versed with the details and information necessary to conclude a mediation successfully. Whereas at times, parties may be come wih a pre conceived position and outcome, our team ensures that the parties remain focused on the main issues and the preferred outcome.

Outside the court mediations, mediations may be handled by institutions such as the International Centre for Arbitrators and Mediators Kampala (ICAMEK) and the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

At these institutional centres, disputes are handled based on specific rules and las, and our lawyers may on many occasion be appointed as mediators sitting at these Institutions or as Lawyers representing clients at such mediations.

In whatever capacity our team may be employed, we act with skill and professional knowledge of the processes involved at such sessions.